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Additive Manufacturing Service

Additive Manufacturing is the next step in manufacturing technology, with the potential to revolutionize the industry as it currently stands. You can now order small quantities of final products skipping the traditional molding, tooling and machining, thus reducing time leads, total expenditure and unnecessary iterations.

The Advantages of Additive Manufacturing:


Without the need for molds or dies, additive manufacturing allows you to make parts and prototypes on demand.


No need to build a mold and design changes can be made without adding cost.

Design Freedom:

Design changes can be made quickly and easily; constraints on tooling and machining are eliminated.


Design and production can all take place in our house, on your schedule.

The Goal of Additive Manufacturing:

• Improve output volume
• Reduce unit cost
• Improve quality control
• Minimize cost and lead time associated with tooling work

Do you only need 10-1000 products to sell? Not a problem any more!
3DPRINTSONDEMAND can additively manufacture them for you in only a few days.

We Manufacture

Industry Standard Strong MaterialsABS
Hi Thermal & Chemical Resistance PartsUltem
High Tensile & Flexural Strength PartsPC
Big One-Piece Final Parts40cm
Metal Parts & PrototypesWax
Ultra High Resolution (in microns)16