Innovation through 3D Printing

You’ve read the hype online, heard about it around the water cooler, watched it on television and maybe, even, implemented it on your own shop floor.

3D Printing is an additive manufacturing process that enables users to manufacture almost any physical structure on demand in an array of materials. Imagine downloading a file for a new custom iPhone case and having the ability to produce it on demand at home.

Whether you’re more familiar with the term digital desktop fabrication, prefer to call it additive manufacturing or know the process as rapid prototyping, one thing is clear: 3D Printing is the innovation currently taking the world by storm.

But this is one wave of manufacturing that isn’t receding anytime soon. It’s the newest industrial revolution. And it’s here. Having been on our radar since the 1980s, 3D Printing has changed the nature of manufacturing processes by bringing the means of production into the hands of people — democratizing manufacturing. From shoes and prosthetic limbs to food and cars, this technology is no longer a novel concept — it’s mainstream. And as it becomes more and more accessible to schools, companies and individuals, and as society craves more customized experiences, 3D printing will prove to be an innovation with no boundaries.

Inventors and entrepreneurs flock to this technology for its prototyping and manufacturing capabilities. We have had the power to share ideas on the internet; how about physical things? How about 3D Printing organs, space stations, aircraft, end user products, and buildings!

Science and technology are civilization's heaviest influencers, these technologies will dwarf everything that has come before.