Ultra-rugged handheld computer

Functional Testing

More prototyping means more opportunity to evaluate whether or not a part will function as intended. Prototypes allow designers to catch potential flaws before incurring the exponentially higher costs of re-tooling and rework, reducing some of the risk of introducing new products.

Tactical Suit Mock-up

Design Concepts & Mock-ups

The ability to quickly produce real working prototypes that teams can see and touch helps bridge the gap between the virtual CAD design and the final product. Design and manufacturing engineers can use these prototypes as a tool to better communicate how a design looks, feels, and operates allowing for the product design to integrate with manufacturing at an earlier stage in the development lifecycle.

Prototype without blowing the timeline

3D printing enables design teams to quickly produce a high-quality, realistic prototype with moving parts at relatively low cost when compared to other methods such as machining or outsourcing. This means teams can use prototyping on projects where it wasn’t feasible in the past due to time or cost considerations