Example 3D Printed Mold

Shorten production time for mold creation

Mold designers are able to create molds quickly from 3D CAD files with a greatly reduced initial cost.

Blow Mold 3D Printed Example

Design changes are more cost effective

In cases where design changes are required, a new iteration of a mold can be created in-house at minimal cost. This, combined with the speed of PolyJet 3D printing, allows mold designers and engineers greater design freedom.

Example 3D Printed Mold

Accurate mold design

Molds created in ABS material can be precisely built in 110 micron layers, with accuracy as high as 0.1 mm. These production features create a smooth surface finish so post-processing is not needed in most cases.

Jig in Use

Jigs & Fixtures

Manufacturing relies on tools, including jigs, fixtures, templates and gauges, to maintain quality and production efficiency – now you can quickly manufacture them with a 3D Printer.

3D Printing Benefits
  • Lead times reduced by 40 to 80 percent.
  • Cost reduced by 70 to 95 percent.
  • Eliminate assembly and improve performance and accuracy.
  • Design freedom for improved function and ergonomics.

3D Printed Blow Mold

Blow and Injection Molding

Prototyping enables designers to validate parameters and accelerate design approval. For instance a small change in the design can be costly when a change in the mold is required.

3D Printing Benefits
  • Lead time reduced by 30 to 70 percent.
  • Prototype mold cost reduced by 40 to 80 percent.
  • Stability, eliminating distortion with heat.
  • Durability through hundreds of cycles.
  • Little or no need for post processing.

Silicone Mold

Silicone Molding

Rather than machining your patterns you can now print them allowing you to reduce manufacturing costs and create more complex molds.

3D Printing Benefits
  • Lead times reduced by 50 to 80 percent
  • Cost reduced by 40 to 75 percent
  • Inert models that won’t inhibit curing
  • Stable models that won’t distort with heat
  • Durable models that can be used many times