Communicating design ideas to other departments is an essential function of every design team. Models are oftentimes the best way to convey thoughts and ideas during the design process, as they give a clear image of the look, feel and function of the final product. Many of the package designs require multiple iterations to achieve the desired design objectives.

It is essential to have the ability to quickly produce accurate 3D models of packaging for review by the marketing and consumer groups. Communicating design ideas to the marketing team and others is a core function. With multiple parties reviewing and providing input, an efficient process for design and redesign is essential.

Throughout the process, the usual approach would be to use an outside packaging supplier to create the models. Each iteration would result in another bill. Model after model, design teams would find themselves spending an excessive amount on printing costs. In addition to the financial burdens, turnover time would not be ideal. It typically requires several weeks for the packaging supplier to create a model.

With our Rapid Prototyping Service your design team can significantly reduce the time it takes to produce models for review by the marketing and consumer groups. In fact, market estimates are that the average amount of time to reach a final design is cut by six to eight weeks with the addition our services. This new approcah could pay for itself in about two months time and the number of models you will now produce could increase tenfold.