What is the goal of building robots?

Robots always had this futuristic feel in them. These are seen to bring technology and convenience to humanity. It’s very similar to any science fiction film that we’ve watched on the big screens. It’s also something that many people look forward to, especially when it will make our lives even more convenient.

With today’s fast-paced technology, robots are no longer things of the future. Robots may already be printed out especially when the 3D Printing technology seems to get better and improved by the minute. Now, anyone can have their own robot.

The researchers believe that human-like robots could serve as companions for the elderly or for children with autism, Aspergers or attachment disorder. Essential to designing such companions would be robots with key identifiable human characteristics. In the past, designing and building a complex robot would have required a great deal of money. With 3D Printing, however,one can do so at a fraction of the price.

We hope that the future of robot making will be bright and more people will be involved, especially with 3D Printing becoming more widely available to everybody.